Form & Function for A/E/C Professionals

Photographing Form & Function

Commercial Photography and Production services for designers with either projects or presence in the greater St. Louis area, who value professionals that care about and can communicate the design intent of their creations.

Re-branding of your firm, advertising construction-related services, highlighting your newest project all benefit from our ability to act as your Rosetta Stone. We will work alongside your internal staff or champion the responsibility of applying our understanding of people, commercial markets and your target audiences to capture the right story to make an impact.

Methodology is key to successful projects, repeatable results and sustainable relationships. An inability to interpret the voice of physical designs result in improper, less-desire able or inaccurate display of mass & shape or spatial depth & clarity.

Our engineering expertise, architectural experience and design acumen will work out to be the ideal solution to communicating your design to the world. 

Analytical Onsite & Purposeful Insight

Building Information services for construction stakeholders with offices or projects in the greater St. Louis area who are interested in increasing efficiency, accountability and safety for their projects.

A robust building information model needs purposeful insight in order to optimize the building process. Having dependable documentation is key to a complete project or building lifecycle. Companies without insight from on-site data collection are less able to affect future projects costs due to their inability to calibrate the project timeline, scheduling and sequencing.

We help balance your quality control.

Loud Art Invisible Sound

Art supply, whether custom or in volume, that is tailored to your needs, values, business goals, interior and architectural context. We're available to assure color accuracy, absorptive function and LEED locally-sourced credit needs.

Absorptive room acoustic solutions are either unsightly or physically inconvenient. Our visual acoustics solutions provide calculated creativity aligned with your aesthetic while controlling noise as well. Bother, not either.

Our nod to Julius Shulman speaks to the spirit of practical creativity and the fundamental principle of the Balance Group. Without calculated creativity, it is typical for project stakeholders to experience a shortage of wall space for to express their artwork or a physical space that visitors don’t enjoy (because it aurally doesn’t “work”).

We apply a high-level of expertise to help interior designers, facility and home owners maximize their experience using their available space. Controlled sound and beautiful art. 

Who We Are

With over three decades of combined experience as industry leaders, we are professionals who care deeply about our craft. Whether it’s a small business, publication or not-for-profit organization, we have the skills and experience. We are booking for the upcoming season now. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation.

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What We Do

Let our team of award-winning photographers, videographers, retouchers & building engineering professionals create branded content that is approachable, beautiful and memorable and digital assets that support the function of your project. Our network of talented creatives spans the region. Whatever is required for your project, we will ensure that you have access to the top talent to get it done.

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