1. What does Bahia mean?

    2023-01-02 01:09:04 UTC
    The Bahia Palace is a mid to late 19th-century palace in Marrakesh, Morocco.  The palace was first begun by Si Musa, grand vizier of Alaouite sultan Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman, in 1859 and then continued and expanded by his son Si Ba Ahmed ibn Musa, grand vizier of Sultan Moulay…

  2. First Attempt

    2022-12-30 23:11:55 UTC
    Santiago Calatrava is an artist first, a sculptor, then a structural engineer.   His fusion of form and function married art and engineering and gave birth to his distinct approach to architecture firm. “STEM”, just like the 3R’s used to be, is a popular acronym for education. It is just as…

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